As a retailer in the furniture and home goods industry, consumers enter your store or browse through your webshop in search of a new piece of furniture for their homes. In this process of searching and finding that one piece, the hardest thing for a consumer to do is to imagine how new furniture or decoration items will look when completely configured to their liking and taste. Your potential customers will see a certain piece of furniture in your (online) showroom, let's say for instance a sofa. This sofa can be configured in lots of different ways (set-ups, fabrics, colours, feet, recliner functions, arm supports) and to show that to your customer, you only have drawings of the different possibilities and samples of fabrics and colours. This way, a potential customer can never imagine how the final piece of furniture will eventually look, creating a really hard and difficult environment for the consumer to make a well-considered decision and thus, creating behavior like delaying and putting off these decisions ...

Let us tell you more about 3D and 3D product configurators, with which you are able to greatly improve the shopping experience of your customers! A product configurator enables you to make it easier for your customers to buy configurable furniture articles and to create more efficient processes, meanwhile giving you, as a retailer, the unique opportunity to stand out from your competitors! With a 3D configurator your customers are able to configure furniture to their liking, meanwhile seeing exactly what the result is of their efforts. Furthermore, a good product configurator is connected to your ERP system, and thus to every piece of article information you have available. This way, during configuration, you will always have the correct information available to your customers, such as prices, stock information and commercial texts.

Bring your showroom to life!

Your showroom, as a furniture retailer, probably contains a few standard set-ups of popular furniture articles in order to provide a good image for your customer. This is obvious, because it isn’t possible to show every possible combination of, for instance a couch or a boxspring, in your showroom and certainly not every combination in every colour. Simply because it would occupy too much space. Furthermore, production of all these combinations would cost too much money. With a (3D) product configurator you are able to solve this problem, because with this tool you are able to show all possible combinations of the furniture articles you sell. This is done by simply walking through every product option available. Your customer is basically able to design his own piece of furniture. When you have a good product configurator, changes are directly visually visible in the configurator, complete with other details like prices and stock information. This way, a configurator not only gives a realistic image of how a piece of furniture is going to look, it also provides transparency on pricing and delivery dates, which makes it for your customers easier to make a well considered decision on what they are going to buy. When all this is fully integrated into the sales process with the customer, you really create a unique and personal shopping experience. 

Possibilities of 3D configuration

Showing wrong prices is no longer possible

Why should a product configurator be connected to every piece of article information that is available in your ERP system? Because you want to show your potential customer realtime article information; correct prices, realtime stock updates, etc. You don't want to tell your customer false information and you don't want to bother them with corrections afterwards. Especially when it's not to their advantage, such as higher prices or increases in delivery times. So when using a product configurator, shown information should always be correct and up to date information.

Purposes of 3D; now and in the future

Not only can 3D models be used to completely configure your articles, but there are much more purposes for which you can utilize 3D models. For instance; a 3D model can be used to create a high quality render, which we also like to call a digital photograph. It is possible to create these renders from every 3D model you have and ofcourse from all possible sides and in all possible combinations, fabrics and colours. This way, 3D renders enable you to quickly and easily visualize your complete collection to your customers. In the meantime lowering the costs for photography, since you don't need real photographs of all the customizable furniture articles you sell anymore!

Moreover, you are able to use these exact same 3D models for much more purposes. Purposes which we will be using now and in the future. For instance, 3D renders can be used in video’s, but also in roomplanners and interactive 3D viewers. But also think about virtual and augmented reality applications, because that ís what's going to be next in consumer shopping experiences! 

Possibilities of 3D configuration

Our 3D product configurator

The 3D product configurator is one of our unique innovations that enables you to offer your customer a unique and very personal shopping experience. The 3D configuration is completely integrated in the sales and purchasing process and ofcourse connected to your backoffice for realtime exchange of information. Furthermore, you are able to use the configurator on multiple platforms within your store, such as screens, tablets or mobile phones, as well as online in your webshop. With our 3D product configurator we make sure you are able to give the best possible shopping experience to your customers, now ánd in the future!

Cside Global 3D product configurator