Running your business while taking the environment into consideration, or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), has become a hot topic in recent years en is now almost becoming a standard for running your business. Many initiatives are being developed in order to become more environmentally friendly and to use energy more efficiently. And maybe it would not pop up in your head directly, but new IT solutions also offer huge possibilities to make your business more sustainable. Let us tell you how!

Digitizing physical documents

Simple things first; think of videoconferencing or a paperless office. IT is used here as a means to do business more social responsibly, whereby the new IT solution is better fort he environment than the current alternative. When looking at the paperless office or desk, IT contributes in particular through the digitization and automization of processes within the organization. Just go over it; how many physical folders and papers do you still need to keep track of your customer data and orders when you are able to do all this digitally? And not only will you be able to keep your documents like orders and invoices digitally, you are able to completely work in a digital environment when you have the possibility to let customers sign off documents  digitally and are able to process invoices digitally. This way, these simple IT solutions let you save a lot of trees already, getting your company on the right track to corporate social responsibility.

Digitizing files

Using digital images, 2D and 3D

But there is more! Photographing and displaying your articles and all the possible variations of these articles, is in the furniture and home goods industry quite time-consuming work. But you do it anyway, because you want to show your customers exactly what they can buy. So all these pieces you want to display, for instance in your furniture webshop, need to be produced, and then transported to your warehouse. Next, you need to arrange every piece and capture it on photo. Needless to say, this is not only costing you money, but is also costing you raw materials and energy, and in the meantime, you are contributing to global pollution. Luckily, a solution is found in IT, more specific in the use of 2D and 3D visualization and furniture renders. The possibilities of using furniture renders and 3D models are endless, but one advantage is that you are able to work much more with digital images. Furniture models can be directly digitally constructed, which makes the production of a piece of furniture not necessary and with this you're avoiding both the actual costs and the environmental costs of energy and raw material consumption and transport movements.

Digital images replace photography

Reduce returns with a product configurator

Related is the use of a product configurator, where you are able to configure your own piece of furniture and directly see the changes that are made on the screen. One of the advantages of using the configurator during the shopping process of your customer is a huge reduction of incorrect orders. This is because, when using the configurator, you create the desired piece of furniture together with your customer through a question-and-answer based game, covering all parts of a piece of furniture that can be adjusted. Why is this necessary you think? Because it often happens that the sales representative forgets to ask the customer with what legs a boxspring or a couch should come. Upon delivery, because of this, customers could easily choose to return the article to the store, because they do not like the article because of it. Furthermore, thanks to the visualization possibilities, there is also a better connection between the expectation of the customer on the one hand and the end result on the other.

The result of using a configurator is thus; less wrong articles, unwanted furniture and returns, and thus less unnecessary production, energy consumption and transport movements.

Corporate social responsibility with IT

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