The use of online configuration and 3D solutions 

We’ve written before about the advantages and use which applications like 3D and (online) product configurators have to offer you as a retailer. But what does your customer think about tools like these? After all, isn't that what it's all about; a happy customer who is satisfied with his or her purchase?

In this article we follow a real customer through her purchase process of buying a sofa and experience truly how it is to buy new furniture ... 

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Endless possibilities with 3D

Stand out from your competitors and discover the endless possibilities of 3D models of your furniture articles. Let us tell you more about 3D and a 3D product configurator, with which you are able to greatly improve the shopping experience of your customers! A product configurator enables you to make it easier for your customers to buy configurable furniture articles and to create more efficient processes, meanwhile giving you, as a retailer, the unique opportunity to stand out from your competitors!

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